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For dancers hard at work, Dixon Place is tight space


When Dixon Place moves to roomier digs, we’ll miss the fun of sharing the floor with dancers, close enough to have to tuck our feet out of the way. Case in point: Isabel Lewis flopping down her leonine, zaftig body in Dance Work 1 Version 2, abetted by partner Nancy Forshaw-Clapp. Two vigorous women, dressed in green school gymsuits, pit themselves against the limitations of the space, using the wall as foundation and launching pad. (Slap an arm against it, slide down, thrust knees and pelvis out.) Chris Lancaster brings the noise—most weirdly, grinding white powder from a mic’d flour sifter, then bowing the sifter like a violin. Promo for Chris Yon’s Make It Look Real! (Sketches From Pontiac), Draft the Third, a dance indirectly related to Oliver Officer, claims that Officer is an outsider artist. Given Yon’s ungainly body language and rumpled attire, this indecipherable piece—like some outsider art—is truly an acquired taste.