July 9 at 10 on IFC

This splendid “punkumentary” doesn’t exactly exude the rebellious attitude it celebrates, but it’s one of the few films to treat punk (as well as pre-punk and post-punk music) with the intelligence and consideration it deserves. Don Letts, a filmmaker and DJ who was at the heart of the London punk milieu, has laced together articulate commentary from an impressive array of figures, including recluses like the Buzzcocks’ Howard Devoto and Poly Styrene of X-Ray Spex and gadflies like Henry Rollins and Thurston Moore. He also airs remarkable, unseen performance footage that makes me wish this film was a lot longer than an hour and a half.


Thursdays at 9 on VH1

The sight of Jerry Hall pretending to be an aristocratic lady—with her Texan-British accent and her fancy costume balls—is almost as funny as the silly stuff American guys will do to win this competition. The prize is a chance to be her “kept man.” Luckily, Hall and most of her contestants keep tongues firmly in cheeks, making this one of this summer’s more enjoyable reality concoctions.