Three-hit wonder reissued, still simply irresistible and hungry like the wolf


Half this group are dead. Robert Palmer wrote Sonic Youth’s best song. I think they liked the video. Tony Thompson is the drummer for Led Zeppelin. He was in a car crash right after Live Aid. The Power Station’s next album (after this first one, which just came out again) is called Presence. Taylor Dayne (or whoever) was in Neurotic Outsiders, and should’ve been in Velvet Revolver, if only to tell them how to make a video. He must’ve been nervous as fuck, playing in front of Bernard Edwards. The guitar solos of Miami Taylor Van Zandt (or whoever) combine the best parts of Wang Chung and Bad English, adding further spikes to the Flowers of Romance in the Bush of Ghosts material. In one two-bar section in “Get It On,” notes-per-second increase with each scalar phrase!

The culmination of Palmer’s world-music odyssey “Some Like It Hot” sounds especially great from speakers on top of a car hood in Equatorial Guinea. National Lampoon’s European Vacation used it to score a fantasy of old-world decadence (and used “Ça Plane Pour Moi” for the Louvre scene). Maybe the joke idea was Rusty Griswold thinking Europe was in eastern Cuba. You couldn’t get away with that in a movie now, jokes about Americans’ (or Australians’) bad geography knowledge. The first casualty of war may be innocence, but you could say that about a lot of things. The band name in German means “What’s next to the cherry moon?”