Yay Wacktards!


Wacktards of the world, rejoice, for as of the other week, Andy Milonakis has his own sketch-comedy show on MTV. An online celebrity since 2003,
when downloaders went nuts for a home video of the portly, pubescent
New York nerd, guitar in hand, improvising a tuneless inanity entitled
“Superbowl Is Gay”, Milonakis has now made history,
attaining what legends like Ghyslain Raza (a/k/a that Star Wars kid,
the overweight teen whose less-than-balletic light-saber moves were
exposed, by “friends,” to the Web’s howling amusement) and Gary
Brolsma (a/k/a Numa Numa guy, the overweight teen whose lip-syncing of
a Moldovan techno hit had the Internet in stitches last year) could
only dream of. True, Milonakis is only the second pure product of the
Web to get his own national television show (Matt Drudge, alas,
got there first), but in so doing he has, perhaps, achieved a greater
thing: vindication for every fat geek who ever got laughed out of the
computer lab by the less-fat geeks.

Not that anything’s ever that simple. For one thing, this overweight
teen is in fact a 29-year-old with a growth disorder. For another,
he’s a comic genius. Since “Superbowl Is Gay,” Milonakis has uploaded
another 50 shorts, all suffused with his disarmingly abject
humor. In “New Crispy Freestyle,” he busts deliriously pathetic rhymes
(“Daddy I want a golden moose, Daddy I want you to nail me in the
caboose”). In “Apple,” he has a cryptic, wordless confrontation with a
snack cup of applesauce. It’s Adam Sandler filtered through Andy
Kaufman shot by Ernie Kovacs, more or less. And if it shows the world
that lamers are people too, fantastic. More likely, though, all it
really proves is what any Web watcher already knows: There’s way more
funny out there than basic cable will ever have room for.

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