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Lil’ Kim Goes To Big House



First Notorious B.I.G.’s Queen Bee, then “Lady Marmalade”‘s Grammy-winning bad-ass chick from the Moulin Rouge, and now just Kimberly Jones, a 29-year-old convicted criminal sentenced to a year and a day of prison– Lil’ Kim’s career trajectory is tragic, or comic, or neither, I can’t tell. (The semen stomach pump rumor thing throws thing off a bit for me.) Kim’s sentence comes a little over three months after the courts had found her guilty of lying to a federal jury in an effort to protect her entourage who exchanged gunshots with rivals Capone-N-Noreaga outside Hot 97 radio station in 2001. Anyway, if it wasn’t my birthday today, I’d be pretty bummed about all this (sort of).

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