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London Death Toll Over 30; 45 More Seriously Hurt


Four blasts recall underground horror in NY on 9/11


Liverpool Street Station, a major Tube hub for the City financial district, during normal times

The death toll from this morning’s attack on London’s subway and bus system rose above 30, according to the city’s bobbies.

London officials are saying, as of 10:15 a.m. New York time, that they haven’t received any claims of responsibility from anyone or any group.

But the eerie and frightening similarity to 9/11 is that the blasts struck at the financial district of London, known as the City.

The scene of Brits tumbling out of Tube entrances is reminiscent of New Yorkers staggering out of Chambers Street and other stations around Wall Street after 9/11.

One of the four blasts occurred in a tunnel 100 yards from Liverpool Street Station, officials said. That station’s a major hub for financial workers in the City district.

Above ground, many London streets were silent, except for the drone of helicopters overhead, judging by the BBC’s continuing coverage. That’s reminiscent of New York City the day after 9/11, of course.

Unfortunately, the silence doesn’t extend to George W. Bush, who just a few minutes ago told Brits via BBC that “those of us who care about human liberty and human rights” are upset. Yes, that’s very true. But what is his reaction?

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