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Terror Roundup


Eerie for Brits that Rudy was in London. Lucky for them that Ashcroft isn’t.


Spirit of Justice gone wild: Hillbilly AG John Ashcroft, early in his term, in front of some ol’ gal with her tits hanging out. It was curtains for her.

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Positively weird that Rudy Giuliani happened to be in London when the deadly bombs exploded. And Rudy was in the City, right near the Liverpool Street Station, too. Of course, as an international consultant, riding the wave of 9/11, he’s long past the point of riding the Tube, so no worries for him.

What’s fortunate for Londoners—especially Muslim Londoners—is that John Ashcroft isn’t the Home Secretary.

As the Aussie paper The Age reports, U.K. Muslims fear a backlash after the bombings, while authorities are still trying to find out exactly who is responsible. The paper reports:

    Some London Muslims said they feared they would be targeted as a result of the explosions.

    “Everyone is subdued, and people are wondering what has happened. People are asking how will it affect us, are we going to be treated in a nice way after this?” restaurant manager Karim Mohammed said. “We have nothing to do with this.”

That didn’t stop Ashcroft from rounding up thousands of U.S. Muslims right off the streets after 9/11. That disgraceful action netted zero, except another erosion of civil liberties.

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