Rock Band Spoon Give Best Interview Ever


One Spoon is not enough; here’s the German Spoon, doing jazz hands

Austin rock band Spoon give a lot of interviews– at least fifty every five seconds. Even when they’re on stage, rocking to the beat and dancing up a storm (but mostly rocking), fans won’t stop asking them questions about stuff and things. But whoa! I’ve been on the block for two weeks and this might be the best Spoon interview Riff Raff’s ever done. When we called up frontman Britt Daniel (a/k/a Riff Daniel), you better believe he picked up the phone– and that was that. Fifteen minutes, seven seconds of stone-cold raff. Holy F.

Spoon Download: “I Turn My Camera On”

Your new material on Gimme Fiction really bored me until I heard it live.

I haven’t heard a lot of people tell me that.

Since you guys are called Spoon, have you gotten in any fights this tour?

No, we get along pretty good. There’s not really any fights. Everybody’s got their pissy days, but it feels like a pretty good group.

Tell me the most terrible thing that’s happened to you on tour.

Sometimes we get taken out to dinner.

But that’s usually pretty cool.

Does your family like this record? Or did it only make sense to them when they heard it live?

I don’t know how it rates with them. They definitely like it more than our first two of four records. They weren’t really fans of those.

Do you think this record’s different from your last few? More live maybe?

I don’t know. I don’t know if it just legitimately fits [my family’s] taste better, or if it’s them seeing that other people get it– that makes it easier for them to get it. Who knows. They’re very nice about it, very supportive. They’ve always been pretty supportive, unless I cursed. And then they don’t like that. That’s Texas parenting for you. I remember when we got to a certain point with this band where I wasn’t really sure if we were going to continue or not. They were very eager to say, ‘OK, well that’s over, what are you gonna do next?’ And I was like, well I’m not really sure it is over, you know? They would like for me to do something else.

Have you rewritten lyrics just to make your parents happy?

No, I haven’t. I think I really just grew out of thinking that [cursing] was so funny or creative. I think there was some cursing on the Love Ways EP, which we made in 2000. I think it’s there. I don’t know, if you can find some. Even when we did have some curses in the songs, it was pretty tame. But I did kinda wonder like, what the fuck did you guys [you parents] expect? I could hand you a dozen albums in like ten seconds that you would probably have a hard time with. But whatever, they don’t listen to music.

Your cursing to an extent is making fun of people who do actually curse.

I’m glad you don’t curse anymore. Are you excited about the other acts at Siren?

All of them.

Are you more excited about your act?

Yeah. I think mine will be a little bit more special to me.

You have songs on television shows– is this cool?

I’m generally pretty cool with it. I’ve never seen the O.C., I don’t imagine I would like it very much, but if they want to play one of our songs on the show, that’s fine. It’s a lot better than being in a U.S. Army ad or something.

Are there any television shows or commercials– past, present, or future– that you’d want a Spoon song in?

I don’t know, a Coen brothers movie would be good. They don’t really do that kind of stuff, but they’re consistently my favorite.

I know several celebrities; some are Spoon fans. Since you are also a celebrity, have any celebrities come up to you after the show to meet you?

I guess it happens occasionally. We were constantly watching the Dave Chappelle show on this last tour, and I heard that Dave Chappelle almost came to the show. Not because he was a fan of ours, but because somebody was doing a documentary on him, and [the documentarian’s] a fan and almost had [Chappelle] coming out to the show. So that would have definitely given us a jolt to see him backstage.

What is your favorite Chappelle skit?

I love Negrodamus.

The Real Spoon (pictured below) headline Siren Festival at Coney Island July 16.