Megawatt>Full Strength, Pilobolus’s first stab at a one-long-dance program, keeps a heroic gang of six all charged up and strung out for 75 ferocious minutes. Jonathan Wolken, choreographer and director of the event, combined break dancing, gymnastics, and contact improv at a pyrotechnical level that suggests he’s paying the dancers danger money and set it to a score that co-opts Primus, Radiohead, Squarepusher, et al. “Been there, seen that,” you’re saying? Not, perhaps, colored with the nasty goings-on indulged in here. I didn’t so much mind the gratuitous brutal hostility—one must, after all, move with the times—but the adolescent acting out of childish fantasies rooted in the grotesquely disgusting . . . Would you want to watch a fabulous athlete with a gorgeous stage personality (Manelich Minniefee) plunk himself down on the floor cross-legged, lick the sole of one foot, caress his cheek with the spittled appendage, viciously bite his toes, and then suck on them?
Megawatt rotates with two other themed programs: “Aquatic,” featuring works related to H20, and “Suspended,” which gets the group airborne.