Son Opens Bar in Mom and Dad’s Cluttered Storage Room


When Eric Ng opened Koze Lounge, he thought his “parents would give [him] a lot of lip,” but they didn’t even complain about the noise. He took over their storage room—stuffed with easy chairs, bikes, and basketball hoops—and turned it into one of the few bars in the area. Populated mostly by neighborhood friends (many of whom happen to be firefighters), Koze has been experimenting with varied forms of entertainment: live jazz, screenings of boxing matches, graffiti exhibitions, Chaplin movies, and occasionally, free food—most recently, chicken wings. Koze is in Sunset Park, but if you ask the people who work here, they’ll insist, for some reason, that this is Park Slope. Either way, the bar is far enough from the more cuddly part of Fifth Avenue—dotted with boutiques and comfy muffin shops—that drinks are cheap ($3 for a draft beer, $5 for a mixed shot) and not overstuffed with intricate ingredients. Ng’s parents wholeheartedly approve, although, as Ng put it, “they’re a little older than the people we’re generally looking to please.”

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