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Lady Sovereign: Best Rapper Ever?



Exclusive Lady Sovereign Download at: Lemon-Red

My choice thoughts on the matter are getting the black+white treatment, so you’ll all have to wait for my jokes about babies smoking clove cigarettes and dogs drinking malt liquor (ironically), at least for a week or so. But for now:

1. Amy Phillips hit on this, but up down left right the Lady Sov show felt like M.I.A. in March, a/k/a M.I.Ehhhh. Everywhere I looked, some blogger was talking to another blogger, probably about sweet new blogs, pointing out that the DJ was a blogger himself. If you screamed “Free wireless! Over here!” my guess is half the room would have emptied out, just to blog about finding free wireless. Anyway, love those guys: The only reason people know Sov’s tracks over here are because of people like this guy and this guy and this guy making sure we hear the stuff upon release. So much for navel-gazing, but I’m thrilled Sov actually came through on a pretty jamming set–all the hits, a “Hollerback Girl” freestyle, and plenty of trailer sass and technical difficulties and junky dude hecklers this total trash-talker totally out-junked.

2. Sov was apparently very sick, and several times threatened to throw up on the front row (taking up Bruza [I think]’s ‘bluah! bluah!”, since that’s the sound British puke makes). She cut her last song short and left stage covering her sick mouth–awesome, but if Bono had done that in the middle of “Vertigo”, would I have been angry? What about Deerhoof? Makes you think.

3. Jess Harvell had a great line in his review of the RWD Magazine Mixtape Volume 1:

“Here’s my request for the rest of the summer. No more articles about whether [grime]’s going to break the U.S. rap market (it hasn’t even really broken the UK), no more whining it hasn’t broken out from the hipster ghetto in the U.S., no more sociological treatise or attempts at your thesis.”

But OK, let’s talk Sov and grime and U.S. rap markets. If “Ch-Ching”, “Random”, and her latest single, “9 to 5”, didn’t make this obvious, Sov’s not grime. Yeah she comes from rough/tumble East London but in fairness she’s on her own now–she’s too much of a personality to stay under grime proper’s umbrella, and to be honest, it’s probably better for East London to ship her out ASAP, since I imagine her path of success could turn into a recipe, which might hamper new ideas, etc etc etc.

All’s to say that I could see people en masse getting into Sov whenever her album gets done and over here, but I’m worried she’s maybe a bit too clever. It’s:

“I’ll take her to the candy shop”


“Everybody in the club getting’ tipsy,
Oh fuck dat, just wine like a gypsy,
Can’t see straight, like I got one eye (pop),
Your bottle open, oh my”

4. Seriously what was with all the junky dudes there? “I’ll give you $50 if you…”–come the fuck on. Is it possible that said junky dudes mistakenly bought Run The Road under the impression that it was an extreme music companion to Jock Jams? How many of them heard it and said, “Run the Road? More like Run the Chode!” then started punching each other? I saw exactly seven people laughing then punching each other, so you do the math.

5. Whatever, as long as they buy the records.

6. Because they don’t know how to use the internet!

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