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Bruce Springsteen, Others Join Mile-High Club


Delta Airlines Flight 2070
New York to Fort Lauderdale
July 21


All of these guys are in the wedding party

With apologies for posting on the late night, Riff Raff brings you a high-flying jam from 13K up in the sky. That’s roughly a hundred miles high–the equivalent of two and a half football fields. For you swimmers, that’s the equivalent of five Indian Oceans.

So for starts: I’m on my way to cover a wedding in Boca Raton, Florida, a music blog Mecca with free wireless everywhere, a Bank of America at every corner, and a Tex-Mex restaurant called Rattlesnake Jake’s that’s right by my hotel room. Over the next few days Riff Raff will bring EXCLUSIVE coverage of bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, a real wedding, a real wedding DJ set, and one or two rounds of fake laser tag.

This plane I’m on is incredible, particularly the musical selection. Planes these days have not just a few pre-programmed radio stations, but wide selections of albums new and old, in genres far and wide, by artists you love and hate (but shockingly, no Game).

Currently Song Airlines is pimping new albums from Better Than Ezra, Jaguar Wright, the Wallflowers, and two albums by this guy named Various. Better Than Ezra’s new one is called Before The Robots, and sounds like a major labe Brainiac playing Maroon 5 covers. I tried to listen to the new Wallflowers joint but that band’s pissed me off since my first love, who dug the Wallflowers, gave me Wallflowers tickets for my birthday, broke up with me, then offered to buy the tickets back off me as a compromise. Nice.

This Various guy though– holy shit. Never have I heard a performer with so wide a range of technical abilities and musical sensibilities. Only he (she? they?) could manage an album stuffed with hit country, blues, and Dixieland songs, then turn around with a trance album called Dream, then a rap album called DJ Kay-Slay Presents NYC Drama Vol. 3. I’m surprised I’ve never heard of this guy before.

Other things:

-Albums are sorted under general headers like “Alternative Rock”, “Retro 60s-70s”, “Swing Sounds”, etc. Justin Timberlake’s Justified is under the heading “Fun Zone”. Hilary Duff and Jessica Simpson also make the cut.

-In “Song Del Mundo”, I finally heard some of this Manu Chao record Clandestino. I don’t know how he goes over on headphones, or the hi-fi, but damn, Chao sounds great in the plane.

-“Urban Legends” includes albums by Jay-Z, Jill Scott, and Jaguar Wright, but somehow not T.I.

-Miles Davis’s Kind Of Blue is not in “Fun Zone”.

Check in tomorrow for an exclusive interview with the “new voice of Southern hip-hop.”

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