So are heavy metal and jazz basically the same thing? Sonny Sharrock always thought so, apparently. Black Sabbath seemed to suggest so, when they did “Supernaut.” Miles Davis and James “Blood” Ulmer and Jean-Paul Bourelly and Tony Williams Lifetime and the Headhunters and Power Tools certainly cast votes in that direction. And Richard Meltzer compared Blue Cheer to Ornette Coleman, and Public Enemy figured out how to cohabitate Slayer with John Coltrane, and MX-80 Sound named a track “Felonious Funk,” and the MC5 were just in town with the Sun Ra Arkestra last month. And lately, at the Times, Ben Ratliff seems to be covering both beats. So why not join the club?

CONFESSOR Sour Times EP (Season of Mist doom-metal EP)

Download “Sour Times” (MP3)

DEADBIRD The Head and the Heart (Earache depressive ambient thrash album)

Sample album

MICHAEL GALASSO High Lines (ECM cinematic violin jazz quartet album)

Stream “Spheric” (Windows Media)

Stream “Caravanserai Day” (Windows Media)

HEATHEN SHAME Speed the Parting Guest (Twisted Village improvisatory psychedelic instrumental noise-rock album)

HORNA Envaatnags Eflos Solf Esgantaavne (Woodcut Records Finnish melodic death-metal album)

Download “Vihan Tie” (MP3)

Download “Vala Pedolle” (MP3)

CHARLES LLOYD Jumping the Creek (ECM improvistory jazz quartet album)

Stream “Ne Me Quitte Pas” (Windows Media)

Stream “Ken Katta Ma Om” (Windows Media)

PELICAN The Fire in Our Throats Will Beckon the Thaw (Hydra Head instrumental ambient thrash album)

Stream “Last Day of Winter” (Windows Media)

Stream “Autumn Into Summer” (Windows Media)

LOU RONE Alone (Gulcher instrumental hard rock guitar album)

Download “Transistor” (MP3)

DINO SALUZZI Senderos (ECM Argentinean semi-improvisatory bandoneon-jazz duo album)

Stream “Vientos” (Media Player)

Stream “Imagines…” (Media Player)

SONNY SHARROCK Black Woman (Water ’60s screaming heavy metal free-jazz reissue)

Stream “Black Woman”(Windows Media)

GIANLUIGI TROVESI/GIANNI COSCIA Round About Weill (ECM Itlalian three-penny-operatic jazz duo album)

Stream “Tango Ballade” (Windows Media)

Stream “Lieben” (Windows Media)

New Thing! (Soul Jazz ’60s-’70s avant-garde jazz reissue compilation)

Stream “Street Rap” by Maulawi (Windows Media)

Stream “Tibetan Serenity by Travis Biggs (Windows Media)