Quite Sporting, Eh?


Historically, the sport of golf has been reserved for cantankerous C.E.O.s and their obsequious underlings, eager to make good with the old fossil before he kicked it. The game was slow, the ball hard to follow, and the clothes lamely sedate, restricted to a de facto uniform of shapeless department store khakis and curiously oversized polos. Never able to shirk its fuddy-duddy associations, no country-club sport has been in greater need of a makeover.

Now, sartorially at least, it’s got one. Eschewing the drab threads of Jack Nicklaus-era geezers, younger PGA pros like Aaron Baadelely and Jesper Parnevik prefer their trousers the colors of Skittles, in prints too bold for even Old Navy’s $5 bargain bin. Behold, the courageous golfer pant has returned. The most brazen among the pack of dandies is no doubt Ian Poulter, a veritable fashion vixen on the greens in tight Union Jack trousers or purple satin specials. He’s game to rival David Beckham in loud sports hairdos—pairing a spikey Mohawk or multicolored coiffures with his color-coordinated visors.

Will this trend make it off the greens and onto the street, or at the very least, be subverted into Andre 3000’s acid-golfer look?

Whatever. Men this bold deserve our undying respect.

Sports Illustrated, on golfer Aaron Baddeley’s style: “It’s not the guns on Aaron Baddeley, it’s the clothes. His thick upper arms scream weight-room regular, while his retro outfits (lime-green slacks, white belt, white shoes) whisper 1970s dork. Ah, but when you’re a young, blond hunk, you can pull off any look.”
photo: Chris Condon/PGA TOUR/

Aaron Baddeley: “A friend of mine said to me ‘my grandpa wants his pants back at the end of the week.’ ”
photo: Stan Badz/PGA TOUR/

Jesper Parnevik: “Golf has become a lot more rock n’ roll than it was 10 years ago. It’s cool to play golf now. People don’t feel like they have to dress down. Alice Cooper plays.”
photo: Stan Badz/PGA TOUR/

Parnevik wears orange here, but likes his pastels, too: “Three years ago [in 2000], when pink was in and I had a chance to win, I put on pink pants. I won the Byron Nelson and another tournament with them—they were my two-million-dollar pants.”
photo: Al Messerschmidt/

Ian Poulter’s loud pants (shown here) are matched only by his hairdos: “I’ve always sort of messed around with my hair. But I’ve only gone mad over the last couple of years, really. I like the way the visors sit on my head, and I just thought, wouldn’t it be quite wacky to start putting some funky hairstyles together?”
photo: Stan Badz/PGA TOUR/

Ian Poulter: “You don’t wear the colorful stuff on a Tuesday or Wednesday. You don’t waste it. [That’s for] Thursday-Friday and the weekend.”
photo: Sam Greenwood/

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