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Midget Rock Band Sick of People Coming to Their Shows ‘Just to Toss Them Around’



Riff Raff Interviews THE WILLOWZ Rock and Roll Band

Somebody needs to say it so I will: More bands need to get the letter Z in their names. Think about it: Zeppelin. Zapruder Film Soundtrack. The Zeatles. All of these bands are incredible–zincredible. ZZ Top–awesomest band ever. Zero 7 sorta suck.

So Anaheim garage rock band the Willowz got one thing going for them. They also have a bunch of records, they’re pretty young (the drummer’s like seven or eight), some of their songs made it into Eternal Sunshine, and one of those songs got played in the scene where the girl was jumping around in her underwear on Jim Carrey’s bed. You’d think System of a Down could say that, but they can’t.

You can check out Willowz tracks here, and they’re playing tonight (8/4) at the Knitting Factory and tomorrow (8/5) at Southpaw. But if all you need is riffs:

Do you want to talk about yourself or do you want to talk about other shit.

Tell me about the show last night, you played with Brian Jonestown Massacre, I hear they’re assholes.

Richie: We played with them before and then we went to some party in L.A. that some band was playing at. And I was just sitting there drinking, and Anton [the leader singer] started telling us we had to leave–

Jessica: “They look like they’re troublemakers” or something.

Richie: I was pretty drunk, and it escalated to me throwing my beer at him and then his friends trying to kick me in the head. But we made up. I don’t know how much of that band is real or an act–they were on stage last night for 20 minutes before they even played.

More like Brian Jonestown Asshole, am I right?

I’m pretty sure I’m right here. Do you have any rival bands that want to kill you?

Richie: We’ve always talked about the Ponys being our rivals, they’re exactly the same almost. We play with the same instruments, and we look the same. We kind of do. We’re cool with them though. I like them.

Jessica: I don’t really like them.

Richie: I don’t know though, imagine if every band was good.

It would be so boring.

Richie: Exactly.

In light of the movie Wedding Crashers, which admittedly doesn’t have any big belly shakers but did keep me smiling throughout, have you, as a band, ever thought of crashing a wedding band?

Take your time.

Richie: We played a show in Oklahoma at a summer camp, it was the best show we ever played. You couldn’t hear anything because of the screaming. I got the whole thing filmed, we’re gonna give it to Wayne from the Flaming Lips, because we want to go on tour with them.

The Flamies?

Jessica: His nephew was one of the kids there, the counselor.

You guys had songs on the Eternal Sunshine soundtrack that people thought were by the White Stripes. Do you have more of these coming up?

Richie: Yeah it’s just gonna start over again because [Gondry] took two of our songs for The Science of Sleep. This one’s crazy, he’s using “Ulcer Soul” but it’s the chorus redone with a choir singing it, I’m excited for that.

Jessica: I like [the White Stripes], I’m not mad about [the comparison].

Richie: They’re a drummer and a guitar player playing blues songs. I think we sound more like Pavement.

Let’s talk the Willowz’ secret hip-hop side project. What do we got.

Jessica: We used to go into Guitar Center, you know those little pads, you just go boop boop boop boop?


Jessica: I’ll go in and play “Poison.” I would never play that music though.

There is a video game called Willow that was adapted from the movie Willow. Is your band named after the video game, or the movie?

Richie: I own that movie, I used to watch it every day.

Jessica: It was a breakthrough film, I forget for what.

Richie: I think it’s cool that when people think about our band they think about a little midget and his family.

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