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Ballot Attack: 4 Out Of 5 Ain’t Bad


A tight city council race just got roomier

The saga of City Council district 2—the Lower East Side-East Village-Grammercy district where a racially-tinged ballot fight broke out last month—continues: According to the latest version of the ballot, Manny Cavaco is off completely. He was tossed from the Democratic ballot earlier (he said his petition to get on that line was just a joke), but now he’s also been booted from the Working Families lineup. Rosie Mendez, whose campaign tried to kick five rivals off the Democratic ballot, will have the WFP line uncontested. “I have done all I can do for commercial drivers and the trucking industry as a whole,” Cavcaco told the Voice.

Meanwhile, Mendez’s supporters succeeded on four of their challenges. Cavaco, Claudia Flanagan, Michael Lopez, and Mildred Martinez are off. Martinez was a final holdout, but conceded this week, according to people connected to the race. She was also bounced from the district 2 ballot in 2003. Joan Brightharp is the only candidate to survive the challenge. An African-American, Rev. Brightharp will join Mendez (now the only Latino and only lesbian in the race) and five white men—Michael Beys, Darren Bloch, Brian Kavanagh, Chris Papajohn, and Gur Tsabar—on the ballot.

In totally unrelated news, political strategist Joseph Mercurio—who left the Virginia Fields campaign amid a scuffle over who approved a mailer with a fake image—has resurfaced as advisor to Carlos Manzano, one of nine people seeking the Democratic nomination to be Manhattan Borough President.


“My race is very similar to Star Wars. I am the rebel force and I am fighting the Empire. What side are you on?”-Public Advocate candidate Norman Siegel at Thursday night forum hosted by the Northwest Bronx Community Clergy Coalition.


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