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Weiner Hospitalized On Debate Day


It’s bad enough to be lagging in name recognition and the polls, but now Rep. Anthony Weiner’s own kidney has turned against him. The Weiner campaign says Weiner went to the ER at Parkway Hospital in Forest Hills, Queens early this morning “in substantial pain” and was diagnosed with a kidney stone.

“After several hours of treatment, he was released, and is now resting at home,” a campaign statement said. “He hopes to be up to participating in tonight’s Campaign Finance Board sponsored debate, and will make a decision whether to do so later today.”

It was clear something was up when Weiner’s campaign postponed a 1 p.m. speech he had scheduled at the Princeton Club. Unlike his three main rivals, Weiner’s day job is in Washington, D.C., and he’s had far fewer days to campaign in the five boroughs, so when he is in town, he tends to stump aggressively.

If he doesn’t make the debate, that’s tough luck for Tony because the televised match-up was going to be a chance to boost his, which—despite his hefty arsenal of policy proposals—isn’t as high as that of Fernando Ferrer, who’s run for mayor twice before; Gifford Miller, the council speaker; or even Virginia Fields, who has held second place in most polls.

The good news is that Weiner’s in lofty company when it comes to getting sick in the middle of campaigns. Lyndon Johnson came down with appendicitis two days before his first election to Congress.


The congressman’s campaign announced late Tuesday that Weiner will be participating in tonight’s debate.


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