Rack Focus


The Alain Delon Collection


Appearing in masterworks by the likes of Godard, Antonioni, and Visconti, Alain Delon was among the key actors of European art cinema’s golden age. Kino’s collection comprises three lesser-known titles from the Frenchman’s filmography, which now spans nearly half a century. Borsalino and Co. (1974) stars Delon as a gangster in pre-war Marseilles who winds up in an insane asylum after finding himself on the wrong end of a turf war. Also from Borsalino director Jacques Deray: the true-crime policier Flic Story, featuring Delon as a cop assigned to track down a deranged criminal played by Jean-Louis Trintignant. And from director José Giovanni comes Two Men in Town, an anti-capital-punishment crime drama pairing Delon with screen legend Jean Gabin. All three discs feature a collection of Delon film trailers and a selected filmography.

Bangkok Haunted/Omen

(Panik House)

The inaugural releases from Panik House, a new label specializing in Asian genre cinema, this pair of Thai horror films bears the imprint of the Pang brothers (The Eye): Oxide Pang co-directed Bangkok Haunted, a trilogy of loosely connected ghost stories, and (with brother Danny) produced Omen, a supernatural chiller featuring Thai pop trio D2B.

Sin City


See if you can spot the Quentin Tarantino segment in Robert Rodriguez’s adaptation of Frank Miller’s graphic novel. Extras are minimal