‘Edge The Art of Motion Picture Editing’


A clip-heavy tour of the first century-plus of cinema, this lively, intelligent look at the art of film editing marshals sound bites from directors, editors, critics, and academics (including George Lucas, Norman Jewison, and Thelma Schoonmaker). Those who’ve taken a film class or two are unlikely to learn anything new—this loosely chronological survey largely sticks to the highlights (Méliés, Griffith, Soviet Montage, the French New Wave, etc.). The pace occasionally slackens, allowing interviewees to ponder the wag-the-dog role of technological advancement or the political implications of seemingly neutral technique—the toppling of the Saddam statue is discussed as an ideologically loaded triumph of editing. Recent innovations like “bullet time” have stretched the boundaries of the craft, and Edge Codes ends on a note of speculative futurism, looking ahead to artistic avenues yet unexplored.

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