‘Kamikaze Girls’


If you value plausibility in movies, skip Kamikaze Girls; this is the sort of picture where getting run over by a truck gives a character gorgeous hair instead of a broken hip. Prissy Momoko likes to dress Marie Antoinette. Grungy Ichigo prefers riding with a biker gang. In another film, we might wonder why these opposites become such an inseparable pair, but this is only the fourth most unbelievable concept here, right between the mother who leaves her husband for her gynecologist and the guy whose pompadour looks like a piece of postmodern architecture. Imitation, like the designer knockoffs Momoko’s dad peddles, is Kamikaze‘s key theme, so it’s appropriate that director Nakashima cribs from Raimi, Soderbergh, and even Russ Meyer, who would have loved the chick fight finale. He wouldn’t have cared that it didn’t make any sense either, though he might have preferred a chestier cast.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on August 30, 2005

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