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As bitchy narrator Paul (Paul Whittorne) and butchy dyke Keegan (January LaVoy) trail a pair of homo-ambiguous book shelvers through a San Francisco library in the mid ’90s, Paul makes a snap assessment of his quarry: “Straight men do not whisper in the aisles with cute boys.” Gabriel (Christopher Sloan), the male prey, has just sworn he’s hetero—er, he thinks. Keegan’s object of desire, the blonde Elsa (Brooke Sunny Moriber), also has doubts about her orientation. But get a few drinks in Gabriel and Elsa . . . and you can guess where this is going. Pseudo-marital bliss for the couples ensues, until usurper Darryl (Michael Busillo) dances onstage wearing a loincloth. Throw in Paul’s closet case Ph.D. adviser, Corey (Ken Barnett), who’s bedding his Spicoli-voiced student Christian (the typecast Ben “You’re Gettin’ a Dell” Curtis), and you could rename this touching romantic comedy (originally called
The Joy of Gay Sex) The Joy of Coming Out. The cast sings, dances, and charms, creating the theatrical equivalent of stage candy, a rainbow gobstopper with a slightly melancholy center.