Wackos Save World from Alien CEO


Mad conspiracy rules in Korean writer-director Jang Jun-hwan’s
snazzy, playful, somewhat gory, often hilarious, and generally
unpredictable first feature. Save the Green Planet opens with a
bang—a pair of wackos in homemade superhero gear abducting a
middle-aged business tycoon in an underground garage—and never looks
back. It is Lee Byeong-gu’s contention that the CEO of a chemical
corporation for which Lee used to work is a creature from outer
space—an Andromedan prince to be precise. The earth is being taken over
by these extraterrestrial beings, with the destruction of the planet
scheduled for the next lunar eclipse. With earth’s would-be savior
babbling nonstop nonsense as he sets about torturing his stoic captive,
Save the Green Planet establishes a powerful sense of mania.
What’s most remarkable about this lurid, wildly busy spectacle is how
serious it can be—that is, how poignant and poetic. It’s hard not to be
touched by Lee’s vision of his mother (who has been put in a coma by an
industrial accident) telling him that he alone can save the earth or
the idea that, although the green planet may explode, television will
always remember us to the cosmos.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on August 30, 2005

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