‘Walking on the Sky’


Josh (Michael Knowles), a 30-year-old gallery owner, jumps from the roof of his Manhattan apartment building, and his six longtime best friends converge in his penthouse to make arrangements. We’re supposed to believe they’re old friends, anyway, even though we never learn how or where they met: high school? college? group therapy? One of the annoying, testosterone-fueled dudes finds Josh’s diary, and they agonize over whether to read it. (Note to friends: If, when I’m gone, someone discovers my diary, please dispense with the tedious dialogue and read the damn thing cover to cover.) The Book of Josh reveals zip about why he leapt but sets off unexploded interpersonal munitions among the pals. School Ties heartthrob Randall Batinkoff and the rest of the cast make do with wooden lines (e.g., “I love you. I can live without the corn dogs”) and a plot that fails to jell. Be forewarned: The breathtaking rooftop shots make this film potent real estate porn.