New York

Bush in the Window Seat


Not in the driver’s seat.


Credit: Paul Morse/White House.

Ruin with a view: Above, Bush peers at the Big Uneasy today. Below, he got in some good hugs on August 15, 2004, during a visit to Florida in the aftermath of Hurricane Charley.


Credit: White House

What a bumpy ride for George W. Bush on the way back to D.C. today. His poll numbers are falling and our gas prices are soaring. And then Air Force One had to dip down over Louisiana to give him a look at the damage.

New Orleans happens to be on an easy flight path from Never-Admit-Anything-Land Ranch in Crawford to the liberal-infested East Coast. So Bush looked out the window.

After arrival, Bush called the hurricane “historic” and pledged help. How soon he’ll actually go to New Orleans is not yet known. But this isn’t an election year, so he doesn’t really have to go, unless his handlers decide that the storm will give him some good photo-ops as a distraction from the deadly war in Iraq.

Last August, on the other hand, Bush rushed down to Florida to survey damage from Hurricane Charley. He flew over the affected areas with brother Jeb and hopped off the helicopter to hand out water and hug assorted residents.

The people in Louisiana have it a lot worse, but the rest of America will now suffer with even higher gas prices. Too bad Bush was a bust at finding oil when he was involved with companies like Harken Energy.

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