CMJ Music Marathon



September 14

Acid Mothers Temple & the Cosmic Inferno + We Are Wolves + Aqui+An Albatross + Man Man

Rothko, 116 Suffolk, 212-475-7088.

Egalitarian psych monolith Acid Mothers Temple spill Gong water at midnight, casting an unwieldy shadow over this showcase for Ace Fu Records, the coolest unhip label in New York. Booking pals Kork Agency donate Montreal freakonica trio We Are Wolves for some tether to earth before Fu unleashes its bonkers best: Mars Volta–on–Pixy Stix space cases Aqui, Locust-on–Pixy Stix sex-spazzes An Albatross and Tom Waits–on–Pixy Stix snake fingers Man Man. With Octopus Project. 8pm. WEINGARTEN

Hairy fairy Devendra Banhart

photo: Photograph by Autumn deWilde

Devendra Banhart+Beans & Holy Fuck

Bowery Ballroom, 6 Delancey, 212-533-2111.

For a hippie kid, this crown prince of the freak-folk scene ain’t stoned, daydreaming under no tree—OK, possibly he’s high, but he ain’t sleeping. Cripple Crow, his excellent third full-length since 2004(!), finds Banhart exploring orchestrated pop and Latin sensibilities while still serving his inner Marc Bolan–Donovan–Tiny Tim trinity. Tonight’s with backup band Hairy Fairy. Beans, formerly of Anti-Pop Consortium, is one of the few hippity-hoppers embraced by the indie-rock hipsterati, maybe ’cause of his funky electro jams? Holy Fuck—a less chilly LCD Soundsystem—back him. Also: the Cribs, King of France. 6:30pm. BOSLER

Dandy Warhols

CBGB, 315 Bowery, 212-982-4052.

Arch though they may be, the Portland bricoleurs play their own instruments as they perfect the ir own craft, and if their new album is on the noodly side, they’ve generated enough anthems to correct for any slow spots. 11pm. CHRISTGAU

Doves + Marjorie Fair + Unbusted

Warsaw, 261 Driggs Ave, Bklyn, 718-387-5052.

The full-fledged, shimmering Britpop reflections on a changing urban landscape that pervade this band’s latest release, Some Cities, reference the band’s northern-U.K. roots. With the loss of New Orleans, the song “Black and White Town” has a whole different resonance. With the melodic and introspective Marjorie Fair and straightforward rock of Unbusted. 8pm. HAVRANEK


Maxwell’s, 1039 Washington St, Hoboken, NJ, 201-653-1703.

Scruffy post-proto-metal sunshine boy Dungen brings his equally scruffy band (also named Dungen) for a CMJ victory lap, capping a triumphant year of Eruptum eruptions that already sounded like victory anthems. Breaking some unwritten CMJ commandment by headlining two shows (well, one’s in Hoboken, which might as well be Sweden), Dungen and his psychic caravan will be ferocious, cheerful, and adorable (didja know “Panda” was about the indie-goth girls seeming strangely sexy?). 9pm. WEINGARTEN

Elk City

Alphabet Lounge, 104 Ave C, 212-780-0202.

If CMJ is really about discovering great bands, than this is the show to see. Elk City mix the likes of the Pretenders with classic Motown, and then layer the top with just a dusting of ’80s new wave. Frontwoman Renee LoBue’s voice is astounding—she has incredible range and sounds like a female Bowie engaged in a three-way with Hope Sandoval and Patti Smith. And of the band’s latest batch of songs (a polished, as-of-yet unreleased full-length tentatively titled New Believers), at least half of them are perfect pop gems. Also: JoAnna James, Chris Koza, Aeroplane Pageant. 8pm. SWITZER

Mommy and Daddy + Oxford Collapse + Mixel Pixel Grizzly Bea + Son

Pianos, 158 Ludlow, 212-420-1466. Brooklyn experimental-pop label Kanine Records has mutts for show: the half-punk, half-funk of Mommy and Daddy; Oxford Collapse’s foot-worthy SST-revisionist Americana; Mixel Pixel’s futuristic take on Odelay; the woodsy, eminently huggable whine folk of Grizzly Bear; and the new and impossible-to-Google music of Son. 8pm. SYLVESTER

Rapider Than Horsepower + Pattern Is Movement

Northsix (downstairs), 66 N 6th St, Bklyn, 718-599-5103.

These post-post-hardcore bands sound like allergic reactions to boredom: Rapider Than Horsepower imagine Zappa raised on Dischord records, goofing and spazzing with a welcome appreciation for the pleasures of melody. Pattern Is Movement love repetition as much as Steve Reich, digging deep into their off-kilter rhythms and wacky mantras. With the Saddest Landscape, the Pine, Struction, Southkill, and Resonator. 7pm. PHILLIPS


September 15

Amadou and Mariam + Laura Veirs + Glenn Kotche

Hiro Ballroom at the Maritime Hotel, 371 W 17th, 212-242-4300.

Amadou Bagayoko proved himself a Bamako boogie bad boy of a guitarist during this fabulous Mali couple’s recent New York appearance. Veirs elevates elemental pop tunes into rich, arch art songs on her excellent new Year of Meteors. And Glenn Kotche plays drums with a band called Wilco. 7:30pm. GEHR

Arcade Fire

Central Park, Rumsey Playfield, mid-park, enter at 69th & Fifth Ave.

With Bell Orchestre and Sound Team. 7pm.

Gore Gore Girls + Black Halos + Fireball Ministry

Continental, 25 Third Ave, 212-529-6924.

Also: the Illuminati, the Thieves, Crash Kelly. 8pm.

Juan Maclean + Delia & Gavin + Panico

Northsix, 66 N 6th St, Bklyn, 718-599-5103.

Now that their macho-disco jam “Give Me Every Little Thing” is playable live, the cool but corny Juan Maclean are CMJ’s best reason not to see the Arcade Fire. After Juan, Delia & Gavin have deep-space synth modulations for the open-eared and tangerine dreams for the patient. Before Juan, Chilean band and new Tigersushi sign Panico make what they can of post-punk and electro; they call it “tropical subliminal lethal music.” 8pm. SYLVESTER

‘Lookout Records Showcase’: Mary Timony +the Reputation + Hockey Night

Rothko, 116 Suffolk, 212-475-7088.

Ex–Helium frontwoman Mary Timony has joined forces with drummer Devin Ocampo of Dischord’s the Medications to form this impressive duo, whose sound has been marinated in dissonant, ’90s-style indie rock, but that when bitten into, tastes surprisingly fresh and sharp. Former Sarge leading lady Elizabeth Elmore now navigates the Reputation through a sea of nonthreatening powerpop, but whether you like it or not, their songs lodge themselves in your cranium. And Hockey Night are the closest thing to a Pavement cover band you’re ever likely to see. Also: Oranges Band, the Dollyrots, Troubled Hubble. 7pm. SWITZER

Metalux + Prurient + R.L. Stein and Friends + Lucky Dragons + LoVid + Nautical Almanac + Kites + Carlos Giffoni

The Hook, 18 Commerce St, Bklyn, 718-797-3007.

Ghouls and fantastical creatures take flight, jacked synths and thunderous sine waves raining from the sky. Metalux set the tone with alienating vibes and damaged humor—a lollipop with nails at the center. From there on out, it’s a Providence–New York sound clash: Skinny men dishing out fractured beats and sonic beatings, violence and/or pleasure abound. 8pm. PROVAN

New Pornographers + Tim Fite

Bowery Ballroom, 6 Delancey, 212-533-2111.

The New Pornos’ nuclear-powered guitar pop is nearly always a welcome sound for sore ears, but never more so than at CMJ, where the specter of the dejected indie halfass looms large. Should you require a blast of unbridled (and efficient) enthusiasm, let their geeky Canadian tune love wash over you. Opener Tim Fite used to be a part of goofball Brooklyn rap outfit Little T & One Track Mike; now he’s a one-man sampling machine. 6pm. WOOD

Of Montreal + Ida

Knitting Factory Main Space, 74 Leonard, 212-219-3006.

The lysergic pop of Elephant 6 collective members Of Montreal keeps getting more focused and feral, as the band melds dreamy ’60s pop, Beach Boys harmonies, and wild electronic disco for a fabulously weird result. Their new labelmates in Ida (both bands are now on Polyvinyl) are also fond of lush harmonics and chamber pop expansiveness but use it to a more achingly melancholic effect. Also: Grand Buffet, Saturday Looks Good to Me, Alohaha. 8pm. RABER

Regina Spektor

Irving Plaza, 17 Irving Pl, 212-777-6800.

Strokes-associated singer-songwriter Spektor’s been supporting her fine Soviet Kitsch since way before Sire decided to make the album her major-label debut earlier this year. Tonight expect some off-kilter new material from the loopy, Russian-born art-pop piano player, as well as some old jokes. With Devotchka. 9pm. WOOD

The Willowz

Southpaw, 125 Fifth Ave, Bklyn, 718-230-0236.

For Richie James Fallin, punk is mother’s milk. He’s nourished by its formulaic and out-of-the-carton equivalents too. But he wants slow ones and guitar heroics too, and though the Southpaw show I caught last month lost energy now and then, it achieved liftoff often enough. With Blue Van, Cobble Hillbillies, and Koester. 8pm. CHRISTGAU

Josh Wink + Tommie Sunshine

Canal Room, 285 W Bway, 212-941-8100.

When people talk about having a transcendental experience during a DJ’s set, they have usually heard a set by someone like Wink. One of the best I ever saw was Wink’s many years ago, where he demonstrated how technical skill combined with spot-on timing and precise programming— shifting the beats upward till they break from the pressure—can give one an aural orgasm. Been a fan ever since. Sunshine has the same skill, but he crosses genres more frequently and infuses his sets—which move from metal to techno—with a knowing sense of humor. With Something for Rockets; Dragonette; Men, Women and Children; and Evil Nine. 8pm. ROMANO

Wrens + Goblin Cock + Get Him Eat Him

Mercury Lounge, 217 E Houston, 212-260-4700.

Still seeking to free their catalog from its evil corporate masters, the Jersey veterans are the class of this Absolutely Kosher showcase, but the timing could be tricky. Arrive too late for Goblin Cock and stay on to give Get Him Eat Him a shot. Also: Dudley Corporation, Sparrow, Jim Yoshii Pile-Up. 8pm. CHRISTGAU


September 16

Atmosphere + Brother Ali + I Self Devine + Blueprint

Irving Plaza, 17 Irving Pl, 212-777-6800.

The live band allegedly kills, but it’s the presence of producer Ant on this tour—he rarely leaves Minneapolis—that could make this go-round of the Atmosphere confessional sessions more vibrant than usual. And if that doesn’t work, Slug’ll cry into your beer. Also featuring the rest of the Rhymesayers fam: Brother Ali, the most underrated MC in rap, above- or underground; I Self Divine, who isn’t the same outside of the Micranots fold; and Blueprint, who has the area codes thing down cold. 8:30pm. CARAMANICA

Brian Jonestown Massacre

Maxwell’s, 1039 Washington St, Hoboken, NJ, 201-653-1703.

Tunes ain’t the attraction at this CMJ gig. Like a good masochist, you’re going to see quintessential train wreck and purported musical genius Anton Newcombe curse you out for being the disrespectful audience you are. “The beatings will continue until morale improves” could be Newcombe’s motto even if BJM’s new EP shows no improvement on their snoozy Byrds-inspired hippie pop. With Morning After Girls. 9:30pm. O’DONNELL

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah + Ambulance Ltd. + Robbers on High Street

Mercury Lounge, 217 E Houston, 212-260-4700.

Three local bands dominate tonight. CYHSY play expansive indie pop that’s notable for its strangely beautiful carny instrumentation and vocals that are crooned dramatically in the style of David Byrne. Ambulance Ltd., those neo-shoegazers, make beautiful, gauzy guitar noise. And Robbers on High Street’s literate piano pop will remind you of Spoon, but with a less attractive lead singer who does a better Elvis Costello imitation. Also: People in Planes, Little Barrie, Dr. Dog, Country Egg Bandit. 7pm. RABER

!!! (chk chk chk)

photo: Dennis Kleiman

CocoRosie + !!! + Supersystem

S.O.B.’s, 204 Varick, 212-243-4940.

Touch and Go Records is on fire right now, with weirdo mystic sisters CocoRosie beaming their creaky, creepy acid folk in from Venus, post-punk drum circle revelers !!! simultaneously smashing disco balls and justice halls, and ex-harDCore kids Supersystem doing exactly what !!! do, but better and without the annoying vocals and jam band tendencies. Midnight. PHILLIPS

Hold Steady

Lincoln Center, fountain plaza, 212-799-3100.

Live, Craig Finn is so much more intense than on record, where he holds steady enough. A preacher-cum–Beat poet exhorting the congregation with emphatic gesticulations, he can barely conceal his amusement at the fix we are all in, and that amusement strengthens all who witness it. Also: Heavenly States, Chris Mills, the Rosebuds, Why? Noon. CHRISTGAU

Icarus Line + Pony Up

Northsix, 66 N 6th St, Bklyn, 718-599-5103.

Talk about a weird combo. The Icarus Line fluctuate between flaunting decadent rock blooze of the Rolling Stones and launching a cathartic scream-fest. The Montreal lasses in Pony Up would most likely host a great tea party and then make their stuffed animals make out with each other. With the Rakes, Neon Blond, Lion Fever, and Giant Drag. 8pm. FURY

Nashville Pussy + the A/K/A’s + Zeke

CBGB, 315 Bowery, 212-982-4052.

For nine years now, Nashville Pussy have been solidly delivering full-blown, aggressive rawk and roll. Consciously putting the show into rock show, they dish up equal shares of heavy metal, ’70s hard rock, and balls-out attitude; they’re sure to leave you panting for more. Raw, punk, and in-your-face-with-a-beer-and-a-Farfisa the A/K/A’s, as well as Seattle’s fast-rock mainstays Zeke. Also: Jessie Diamond and the Thousand, Grafton, Square Johns, Honky. 7:30pm. HAAS


September 17

Cannibal Ox + Pete Rock

Rothko, 116 Suffolk, 212-475-7088.

With 4th Pyramid and C-Rayz Walz. 9pm.

Circle + Psychic Paramount + Coptic Light + Khanate

The Hook, 18 Commerce St, Bklyn, 718-797-3007.

Labelmates Circle and Psychic Paramount both explore the dark side of the kraut: The Finnish Circle do so via Amon Dull–like campfire whispers that sometimes spit out loogies of molten metal; PP throttle with third-eye-opening space jams like Can stuck on fast reverse. Coptic Light mind-meld Caspar Br and Mahivishnu, Khanate’s arty doom crawls about two Stegosaurus stomps ahead of (even slower) sister band Sunn 0))). With Mouthus and DJ Carlos Giffoni. 7:45pm. BOSLER

Constantines + Wolf Parade + Rogue Wave + Fruit Bats + Holopaw

Bowery Ballroom, 6 Delancey, 212-533-2111.
Also: Kinski, Chad VanGaalen.

Cordero + Bobby Bare Jr. + Crooked Fingers

Union Pool, 484 Union Ave, Bklyn, 718-609-0484.

Venerable Chi-town roots rock label celebrates its decade-plus with compilation For a Decade of Sin, spins from the Numero Group, and live sets from New York couple Cordero purveying bilingual indie rock, country-rock heir Bare Jr. (who produced his father’s latest), Eric Bachmann/ Crooked Fingers doing his thing solo, and more. Comp BBQ & PBR included! Also: Laura Minor, DeadString Brothers, Mary Lou Lord, Jennie Benford. 1pm. CRAZY HORSE

Towers of London + We Are Scientists

Scenic, 25 Ave B, 212-253-2595.

My new favorite band, Towers of London thrust Guns N’ Roses cock rock into Johnny Rotten’s mouth and make him swallow. The result is masterfully sleazy. Plus, their shows often end in an arrest and/or broken furniture, so leave your dignity at home. Skinny white guys from Cali, We Are Scientists play sweaty, wired, herky-jerky pop stuff. With the Strays, Living Things, and Innaway. 9pm. FURY

Turing Machine Plastic Constellations + Rahim

CBGB, 315 Bowery, 212-982-4052.

Turing Machine would be written off as a jam band if their noisy grooves didn’t lock so tight; you could say that about the Stones too though, couldn’t you. Don’t. Minneapolis’s Plastic Constellations, meanwhile, play mall punk under the indie-punk guise, and as soon as spare mathy trio Rahim drop their fear of fun, there’ll be more to note beyond their love for Q and Not U. With the Hold Steady (see above), Friends Like These, and Tangiers. 7pm. SYLVESTER