Five by five in five: That’s the formula for Joanna Haigood’s “Breaking Ground,” an ingenious new series produced by Dancing in the Streets. The San Francisco–based dancemaker, noted for large-scale site-specific works, chose five stylistically diverse choreographers, planning to turn them loose on a history-rich Manhattan site slated for renovation. She kept the location secret prior to September 12, when Ann Carlson, Eiko and Koma, Larry Keigwin, Tere O’Connor, and Jawole Willa Jo Zollar were brought in for an orientation tour, each receiving relevant documents, photos, and drawings, at the start of their brief working period. Each artist will whip up a six- to 10-minute, site-specific piece within five days; the new creations will be performed twice on Saturday.

This might sound like the latest wrinkle in reality TV, but happily no one will get voted off Manhattan (or Long) Island, and everybody wins. The shows are free.