New York

Sunday 9-11: New Orleans Jazz Funeral Procession Through Manhattan



Last Sunday, The World Can’t Wait, Drive Out The Bush Regime organized an impromptu jazz funeral march through Manhattan to protest the federal government’s mismanagement of post-Katrina New Orleans. “We are calling for a massive movement to politically drive out the illegitimate Bush regime,” reads their website.

The group has now announced a second, slightly less impromptu jazz funeral march for this Sunday, September 11, to begin at 3pm from the south side of Washington Square Park, in front of Judson Church (239 Thompson St.). Slide Hampton‘s already signed on, so has Mike Wimberly. All interested musicians are asked to call Alicia Rau at 917.721.7686 or Connie Julian at 917.449.9064.

“Horns will blow with sadness, anger and determination to stop the suffering and death caused by this regime.”

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