Go Fetch!


Good news for us humans: Pets can happily go green. Many dogs choose GREENIES over those gruesome but seductive pig ears, according to the makers of these popular chlorophyll-and-wheat-gluten dog chews. Available in petite to jumbo size, they contain no plastic (many “edible” dog treats do), artificial coloring, or preservatives, plus they help clean teeth [99 cents–$4.99 each, cheaper in bulk; see for locations]. Natural foods like CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE PET LOVER’S SOUL [18-pound bag, $20.99/dogs, $22.99/cats] contain no by-products, hormones, artificial sweeteners, or preservatives; HOT CATS ‘SAUSAGES’ are stuffed with organically grown catnip [single link, $5.99]; GARLICGUARD is a natural appetite enhancer for your aquatic friends [$8.29]; all at Congratulate yourself for your charitable acts by adding NEWMAN’S OWN ORGANICS pet foods [ for locations] to your shopping list—after-tax profits go to organizations supporting animals’ well-being—then lighten the landfills with YESTERDAY’S NEWS PET LITTERS, made of a minimum 70 percent recycled newspaper [; $8.99 and up]. The feline emporium WHISKERS [235 East 9th Street] offers a line of herbal preparations for every feline ill, from digestion to detox [$7.99 to $38.99] and certified-organic HOME COOKIN’ PET FOOD [$7.95 per lb]. For your pampered yet insomniac little creature, check out their MAGNETIC PET BEDS [$24.99–$129.99].