If you still think girls play wussy music, then you’ve obviously never heard Ellen Allien. The DJ, producer, and Bpitch Control label head will make you her little bitch, thanks to a collection of hard beats with a surprising amount of swing in them. She’s got electro in her veins, and it ain’t of the ’80s variety. She’s playing with Matthew Dear at the Robots party, under his horny Audion moniker. His new record is sex obsessed. It’s called Suckfish and has track titles like “Your Place or Mine,” “Titty Fuck,” and “Just Fucking.” Hey, I wonder what’s on his mind? Tue @ 10, Cielo, 18 Little W 12th, 212-645-5700

The Robots crew has two big shows this week. T. Raumschmiere—a techno guy with a punk-rock heart—headlines this other one with Perlon’s Sammy Dee offering support. Raumschmiere’s got a new single, “Blitzkrieg Pop,” which flirts with Ministry-esque industrial trappings. Can’t say it’s my favorite thing he’s done, but it will likely translate better when he plays with his four-piece band. Samm Dee’s lighter sound (by comparison, anyway) will offer a little relief from Raumschmiere’s heavy storm front. Wed @ 10, Canal Room, 285 W Bway, 212-941-8100

Go Bang!, the regular party featuring G. Rizo and Ulysses, hosts Bit Shifter (Josh Davis), a producer who makes music using early-video-game chips and writes and performs using a Nintendo Game Boy. It’s far more adventurous and less simplistic than it sounds—and beats the hell out of the ’80s “electro” flooding the clubs these days. He’s joined by Liquid Liquid’s Sal Principato and DJ Baumann, who’s behind one of Vienna’s biggest parties,
Icke Micke. Mon @ 10, @ 6’s & 8’s, 205 Chrystie, 212-477-6688