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Post Taste Test


Sean Delonas, the Post‘s Page Six cartoonist who delights in flagrantly offensive and execrable witticisms, couldn’t resist: He chose today to roll out one of his all-time favorites, his 2001 mayoral primary cartoon in which a wafer-thin Ferrer kisses the derriere of a hugely inflated Al Sharpton. That was the cartoon, of course, which ignited a bitter racial flare-up in the 2001 Democratic mayoral runoff after it was reprinted and passed around mostly white South Brooklyn by anti-Ferrer supporters of Mark Green.

Delonas re-did his original, this time making Sharpton, who finally endorsed Ferrer on Sunday, even more grotesquely rotund. Since oddsmakers are predicting Ferrer could once again face a runoff against another white, Jewish opponent, this time Congressman Anthony Weiner, the new cartoon seems almost like a dare to anti-Ferrer Democrats to do it again.

What does Weiner, who just yesterday insisted he would wage a clean fight, have to say about it?

“Congressman Weiner believes there is no place in this city for racial divisiveness,” said the candidate’s spokesman, Anson Kaye.


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