Riff Raff Interviews Hanson



Butt-cuts, get your butt-cuts

The Hanson Interview [ft. Riff Raff]

Your boys Hanson are back on the grind, this time with a new tour called “Live and Electric” and a tour CD of nearly the same name. They’re taking their jams to colleges across the country, but not the West (sorry, Harvey Mudd). More importantly, for each city’s show they are inviting a different local band to open up for them, based on fan suggestions, local college radio buzz, and a complicated voting system I’m not entirely sure exists.

Riff Raff got these mofos on the horn as part of their first big press teleconference, during which journalists from around the world got to ask Zac, Isaac, and Taylor their toughest questions. I present to you the Riff Raff section of the Hanson teleconference, slightly edited because I have a lot of verbal ticks. Otherwise STRAIGHT RIFFING.

Conference Coordinator: We are now going to begin our telephone conference call. Each writer will have the opportunity to ask Isaac, Taylor, and Zac two questions initially round robin style determined by the call-in order. If time permits, we’ll move into a second round of questions. In order to ask a question, please hit star, 1 on your telephone keypad.

And with that said, it’s now my pleasure to hand this call off to your moderator. Please continue.

Gentlemen, your lines are open.

Zac Hanson: Hello, everybody–looking forward to your questions whenever you’ve got them. So hit us.

Conference Coordinator: Now we’ll move on to the site of Riff Raff with the Village Voice. Go ahead please.

RR: Hey, how’s it going?

Isaac Hanson: Very good.

RR:If you can just do me a favor, and don’t introduce yourself before you talk. I just want to see if I can guess which one of you guys is talking.

Hanson: … [Riff Raff note: I do not know which one isn’t talking]

RR: I have a question about picking the opening bands. I was just wondering, and this is about my own band actually, just sort of figuring, you know, just making plans here. We’re currently in New York and we’re sort of based there, but we’re technically all from Philadelphia. There were some splits in the family, things like that, a lot of people had to die.

Hanson #1: Sure.

RR: So what is the cap exactly, like would we be able to play, maybe open up for you in Philadelphia and maybe New…

Hanson #1: Well, at the end of the day, the bands are decided by the fans. The key is the submission. If you are actually from a particular city and you are going to school somewhere else…

Hanson #2: You know, that’s… I guess that’s kind of splitting hairs…

Hanson #3: People are, I mean, the United States is an open pot, people bounce all over.

RR: That’s what I’m saying here.

Hanson #2: Well, I would say, you know, I can’t really answer that question – and you know, what the heck, you might be able to submit in both places.

Taylor Hanson: If you have a fan base in both places, then, you know, I think you could try.

RR: We want to open up for you in both cities. The other question is, I think you guys said you’re 26, 22, and 19, and, you know, it’s been a while since “MmmBop” and things like that. Do you think it’s maybe time to admit to the public that you guys aren’t actually brothers?

Isaac Hanson: No, that’s not true.

Hanson #2: No, there’s no question there.

Isaac Hanson: Yeah, exactly. I know full well that I came…

Hanson #1: No. There’s no question there. That’s always been very…

Hanson #3: So, we’re definitely brothers?

Hanson #1: We’re definitely brothers.

Isaac Hanson: We’re definitely brothers.