Teutonic Techno Terror Dives Drunk, Yells at Schmucks, Flashes Bird and Butt


If the typical electronic producer hunched over his laptop onstage lacks a certain machismo, Berlin’s Marco Haas seems more likely to give the finger, moon his audience, and beat up the bouncer. Blitzkrieg Pop, Haas’s fourth album under his moniker T. Raumschmiere (the German translation of William S. Burroughs’s “The Dreamcops”), celebrates Haas’s usual antisocial messages, with enough blistering industrial noise to suggest Trent Reznor in an irate mood. Unlike Reznor’s best compositions, however, Haas doesn’t tap into any palpable sense of raw emotional anguish; instead we get antipathy for antipathy’s sake—arguably still a fun enterprise in its own right. “Your mediocrity is standing out . . . /So listen up you schmuck,” he taunts on his digi-metal title cut, which swells with as much scorn as it does abrasive guitar. (Channeling malcontent is something of a habit for Haas; his former metal band was named Zorn, the German word for anger.) What keeps Blitzkrieg from descending into petulant shtick is Haas’s compositional ear, which reveals itself on “Diving in Whiskey,” letting Ellen Allien’s half-muffled vocals nuzzle artfully through his scratchy IDM textures. Haas offers the digitized rebel yell—sneering with tech-punk swagger at all the schmucks in the universe.

T. Raumschmiere plays the Canal Room September 21.