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A Campaign in Limbo


For months now folks have been saying that the worst thing that could happen for the Democrats’ chances against Mike Bloomberg was a runoff. No one even mentioned a combination runoff-recount—Ferrer v. Green ’01 with a dash of Bush v. Gore thrown in.

That scenario even nullifies the Daily News’ pro-runoff argument, which was that a Ferrer-Weiner matchup would provide a valuable clash of ideas. Now, the first few days of the potential two-week run-off race will be dominated by talk of absentee ballots, not affordable housing. The immediate result today of the murky result last night is that while Ferrer is campaigning on Wednesday as the Democratic primary winner (and maybe the nominee), Weiner is still campaigning, period, with at least two events scheduled.

A major question is how the supporters of Fields and Miller will break if there is a runoff. The Miller crowd was hard to gauge last night because his event wrapped up so early that it still seemed Ferrer was going to pass the 40 percent hurdle. But at least one grassroots group that backed Miller had already met to discuss whether to support Ferrer in a runoff; no word on any decision.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on September 14, 2005


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