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Bush Looks Out for No. 1


I’d call it another embarrassing leak. See the Reuters photo and tell me your analysis.


White House

Here’s Bush’s supposed scrawl in June 2004. Compare the writing with the scion’s scrawl on Wednesday that Reuters photog Rick Wilking swears is for real. It’s just a click away.

In another stream of unconsciousness, George W. Bush has been captured writing a note to Condi Rice during Wednesday’s U.N. session in which he asks her if he can go to the bathroom.

See the Reuters photo, and read Gelf Magazine‘s interview with veteran photojournalist Rick Wilking, who snapped it.

A tip of the fedora to coruscating colleague Jorge Morales for first pointing out the photo to me. But you can’t really blame Bush. I mean, the POTUS was in New York City, and everyone knows why people walk so fast in Manhattan: There aren’t any public bathrooms.

This afternoon Editor & Publisher asks the unfortunately inevitable question: Was Wilking being malicious? No, he wasn’t. But even if he was, so what? It’s funny.

What’s funnier is that, as I write this, newspaper editors all over America are huddling for super-serious and probably anguished and hyper-sensitive conversation about whether to run the photo.

Give me a break. That’s all Bush was saying.

But here’s a serious question: Wilking’s photo shows Bush actually writing the note, so authorship seems certain.

Now, compare Bush’s mixed scrawl of capitals and cursives in the U.N. photo with the neat and bold cursive in his “Let freedom reign!” note of June 2004, which he supposedly gave to Rice after she let him know that full-medal jackoff Jerry Bremer “turned over” Iraq to the Iraqis.

I’m not a graphologist, but the handwriting doesn’t look similar. Maybe the bathroom-break note looks like more of a hasty scrawl because, you know, he was holding it in.

Unfortunately, he didn’t hold it in when the regime decided to invade Iraq. Instead, Bush took it out and waved it in the world’s face.

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