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Cindy Sheehan in Brooklyn


The bereaved mom who was finally able to focus media attention on the anti-war movement will be in Fort Greene on Sunday night as the guest of Gloria Mattera, a Green running for Brooklyn borough president. Sheehan’s 8 p.m. appearance at the Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church at 85 South Oxford Street (G to Fulton Street or A/C to Lafayette Avenue) is part of the national Bring Them Home Now tour, as well as part of Mattera’s argument that the war is a local issue. “Soldiers from Brooklyn have died, and the war has drained money from vital local services,” she says. “Military recruiters roam our schools looking for kids with few options.”

But while the Greens could argue in 2004 that the Democrats were weak-willed on the war—the DNC platform courageously took no position on the conflict—local Democrats have been fairly uniform in their opposition. Even the guy who voted in 2002 to give Dubya the go-ahead to invade Iraq, Rep. Anthony Weiner, now calls it “a mistake.”

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on September 15, 2005


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