CMJ Day 2: Kanye West, Paris Hilton, George Bush



Re: Laura Veirs‘s bassist: “A faux-hawk and pigtails? That’s unprecedented.”–Pete L’Official

CMJ Round-Up: Day 2
15 September 2005

It’s September 16, which means it’s time for Riff Raff to announce the winners of the first-ever CMJ Day 2 Awards:

Most Considerate Lead Singer: The dude from RI noise-rockers Daughters, who at the Cake Shop show yesterday afternoon kindly hung from a ceiling-mounted loudspeaker so the people in the back could see him mumble-mumble. Dude from Daughters is also a runner-up for the Riff Raff awards for Most Transparent “I’m Crazy!” Shtick and T-Shirt With The Most Boobs On It.

Daughters Download: “Boner X-Ray”

Least Considerate Lead Singer: Carl Newman from power-pop supergroup New Pornographers. Newman wins if only because his band’s set time changed like eight times and it just got really annoying. On a strictly personal, face-to-face level, my guess is he’s highly considerate–maybe even a little too considerate.

New Pornographers Download: “Use It”

Best Threat of Violence: In front of me at the Daughters/Deerhoof show, this jackass kept banging his head such that on the upswing he’d hit my jaw really really hard and I chomped tongue like three times. Reasons undisclosed, the Best Threat of Violence award is awarded to Riff Raff.

Riff Raff Download: “Yo, I Have a Knife In My Bag”

Best Band That Riff Raff is Embarrassed to Admit Sorta Made Him Cry: Deerhoof. I just don’t know what to say. Some songs from their forthcoming The Runners Four LP have these moments when the band’s caught in so much rhythmic mayhem–as if they’re fighting their own compositions, destructive forces for whoever attempts to play them–but then suddenly everything goes tunnel white, perfect clarity, etc., etc.. When I’m rocking it on the nano I can keep my shit together, but live, seeing the band fighting this, like, poltergeist shit, and still trying not to let on as to what’s happening to them, esp. Satomi, who’s so caught up in these songs that her jumping around stuff afterwards seems so incongruous–it’s just a lot. When they break free, the relief’s mutual.

Deerhoof Download:The Magnificent Bird Will Rise

Best New York Crowds Are Emotionally Dead Moment: Greg Saunier from Deerhoof. He said “thank you” to the Cake Shop crowd, to little response. He started walking back to the set, then came back and clarified: “No, I really wanted to thank you for coming.”

Best Self-Redemption: Lady Sovereign, the alcohol-addled, McDonald’s-blaming grime MC who spit and spat and eventually threw up at her Knitting Factory gig mid-summer, had the Webster Hall nerd-rap crowd by the throat this time. Someone upfront called her a chump; in retort, she pulled down her warm-up pants and slapped her Union Jack’d buttcheek. All her harder, hip-hoppier numbers, a freestyle over “Wait (The Whisper Song)”, air-guitaring and a quadruple-time rap over her grime-to-surf-rock hop “Public Warning”–hey, spew all you need to.

Lady Sovereign: Homepage

Best Fauxhawk-Pigtail Combination: See above.

Best Fake High School Teacher In a Band Shtick: Laura Veirs. Wanted to feel this Hiro show because Veirs opened for Sufjan Stevens on one leg of his tour, but no (black) dice. Save some fleeting Breeders moments, shit here was coffeeshop.

Laura Veirs Stream: Year of Meteors

Best Thing Overheard at the Laura Veirs Show: “I bet the lesbian couple watching my dog this weekend is listening to this album. Fuck, look at her. Of course she’s wearing sandals.”

Most Nixon-Kennedy Debate-Like Moment: The Juan Maclean show at the Northsix. Juan was wearing a red shirt, the hue of which matched perfectly with the Northsix’s red velvet curtains. As they powered through 15+ minutes of the fear-inspired electro-dance jam “Shiny Skinned Friend,” Juan’s Mr. Clean skull seemed to float in mid-air, occasionally looking out to the crowd and winking like the genie from Aladdin.

The Juan Maclean: Homepage

Most Dangerous Transportation Option: I don’t know his name or have his number, but the nutjob who drove me across the Williamsburg Bridge to Blood on the Wall and didn’t let me out of the cab until I promised him I’d write a story about how “90% OF TLC IS CORRUPT, THEY ARE FOUND GUILTY OF ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING, IT IS THE MOST OF ANY IN DEMOCRACY OR COMMUNIST COUNTRY”–he wins.

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