Holy Warrior Drinks Wine, Poisons Wife


In Edinburgh, on The Royal Mile, there are countless shops that sell chain mail, swords, armor, and basically whatever you need to fight an Ogre (anything much bigger would require magic to defeat.) Walking around Edinburgh, along with memories of ads for a Jean Reno movie, in which he is a Knight that arrives in modern times (remember how confused Paul Hogan was by the bidet in Crocodile Dundee? Now double that), gave me the idea for this video. I never saw the Reno movie, but I bet he was very surprised by the world around him. To someone from the Middle Ages, it would be difficult to understand something as simple as a telephone (especially one built into a shoe) or something as complicated as Who’s the Boss? (it was Angela, actually.) They probably have no reference point. Still, it’s what made me think of this video.

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This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on September 29, 2005

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