Response: Five ‘Greatest Innovators’ SPIN Forgot



I’ll be honest, I don’t think the guy in the middle’s gonna last “all night”

SPIN Magazine Forgets Five Key Innovators in October’s “20 Greatest Innovators of the Past 20 Years” Feature

“Hilarious, thoughtful, and often outrageous conversations with 20 musicians, filmmakers, and visionaries who shaped the alternative culture…”

The list includes all the key players–Frank Black, Eddie Vedder, Brandon Flowers–but it’s missing a few too. Sure, everyone knows the Killers invented dancing in rock, and Andre 3000 invented rocking in hip-hop, but what about Andre’s father Andre 2999, who invented numbers? Riff Raff starts the weekend by honoring five innovators SPIN forgot to include:

Snake Suplicki. Some may be surprised to find out that a human being with an unbecoming nickname, not an actual snake, was the one to decide that putting boombox speakers into motorcycles would be awesome. But like what happens to most innovators, people criticized Suplicki for his unorthodoxy; motorcycle engines are too loud for drivers to appreciate the nuances of “Hotel California,” which at the time (1995) was the only song Suplicki’s speakers were programmed to play. Ten years later, Suplicki has programmed his boombox speakers to play three more songs: “Tears in Heaven,” “Low Rider,” and “Hotel Snake,” which is Suplicki singing “Hotel California” while riding around on a motorcycle.

Colin Boccuti. Had Boccuti not insisted that Chuck Mangione’s “Feels So Good” be the most popular elevator music song in history, office people everywhere would still be taking the steps, where, at least in the stairwells of my office, the remaining members of Megadeth loop “Symphony of Destruction” on MIDI keyboards.

Kenny Grimes. You might know Grimes as the dancing guy from the Mighty Mighty Bosstones. Let me put it this way for you: no dancing guy from the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, no dancing baby, and certainly, most certainly none of this.

Al Gore. Well-known for the invention of the internet, very few people know that Gore also invented the SPINternet. Designed exclusively for SPIN Magazine, the SPINternet is basically just the regular internet, except instead of using Google everybody over there just “asks Jeeves.” Apparently, Jeeves Martin, an editorial intern, can find anything.

Whoever decided to put a few seconds of surf-punk music behind the following video. By my estimation, this is the Zapruder film of BMX blooper reels: Behold.