(Name Here) for Mayor!


Bill and Hill: 92.3 million votes for president, 3.7 million for senator, and a combined three for mayor. (White House)

Before the September 13 primary recedes into memory, it’s worth it to take a look at the final vote tally posted by the Board of Elections. In addition to the 192,262 votes for Fernando Ferrer, the 138,917 for Rep. Anthony Weiner, and the thousands more for Virginia Fields, Gifford Miller and the other candidates on the ballot, Christopher X. Brodeur and Arthur Piccolo, 29 other candidates received at least one write in vote each.

Mike Bloomberg netted 121 and Brooklyn Civil Court Judge candidate Richard Velasquez received three votes for mayor. Former President Bill Clinton was the choice of at least two voters, as was WNYC host Brian Lehrer. Bill beat out Hillary, who received a single vote, as did City Comptroller William Thompson, Rev. Al Sharpton, Councilmember Charles Barron, Donald Trump, Elliot Spitzer, Eugene V. Dobbs (probably supposed to be Debs), Mark Green, Mickey Mouse, Norman Siegel. So did a candidate called “Full Public Funding.”

It’d be a leap to read these results to say that Thompson is no more popular than Green, or that Trump and Mickey Mouse are on par. One write-in recipient even questions the total, believing she received more than a single vote. And who knows what message the write-ins were intended to convey. In any case, not everyone gets a vote to be mayor of the greatest city on Earth, so congratulations to all of the above as well as Christopher Broder (Brodeur?), Cynthin Boyce, Diana Johnson, Diana Reyes, Jillian Shagan, John W. Cronin, Katrina T. Monzon, Kendall Stewart, Margarita Lopez Torres, Michael Dear, Ronald Veal, Sam Taitt, Terrance Mccall, and Yernandy Yerrer. Somebody out there likes you.