Under Drizzly Disco-Rock, Robot Lover Hushes Demons


Bootsy on down to “Give Me Every Little Thing,” space out moody to “Tito’s Way,” but know what you’re getting into here. DFA’s drizzly disco-rock blows whistles, claps hands, and bells cows, but beneath hides a six-fingered, self-advertised powder devastee hush-hushing his demons (“Shining Skinned Friend”), indulging trans-European fantasies (“My Time Is Running Out”), and all but begging Volkswagen to pay him advert licensing royalties (“Love Is in the Air”). Daft Punk announced they were human after all this year; that news helped nobody. At least Juan’s John Maclean knows to keep his AI obsession loud on wax—not as an inquiry into the robot’s sub-humanity, but as a foil to examine his own. “I have a solid legacy of doing robot shit that dates back to the early ’90s,” says Maclean. “And I take it seriously. I’m not taking the piss.” Well! One man’s piss is another man’s pleasure.