Morning Report 10/7/05Bush Vows: We Will Bury You


But the clods continue to bury us

Harkavy/White House; National Security Archive


See all evil: Above left, Bush delivering his speech yesterday. Above right, a soldier accompanies freshly filled coffins arriving from Iraq. Below, more coffins.
National Security Archive

Wrapping himself in the flag yesterday, George W. Bush officially designated his disastrous war on terror as the successor to the war on Communism.

That’s old news. However, it does remind me of the Marxists’ slogan/prediction that “the proletariat will be the undertaker of capitalism.”

That may or may not happen, but for right now, Bush is the undertaker. See photo below.

National Security Archive

You may ask: Who’s counting? Nobody, if the Bush regime can help it. But even Bush’s shrewd handlers can’t help it. Lots of people have been counting, including me and my colleague Syd Schanberg. And the coffins keep getting filled up. See photo below.

National Security Archive

The Pentagon fought hard to hide these photos, even while the coffins were streaming back to the States as if on an assembly line. See photo below.

National Security Archive

But heroic and patriotic work by former CNN reporter Ralph Begleiter and the National Security Archive finally dragged these sad shots of our dead soldiers into view. As you can see, many of the photos have black bars over the faces of soldiers accompanying the coffins. See photo below.

National Security Archive

Nearly 2,000 U.S. soldiers have been killed in the Iraq debacle — 93 percent of them since Bush declared, on May 1, 2003, “mission accomplished” and the end of “major combat operations.” See photo below.

National Security Archive

Many people predicted that the unjustified invasion of Iraq, a scheme cooked up by the Bush regime, would turn that country into a breeding ground for terrorists. Tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians have been killed so far, most of them not by the terrorists but by our bombs. For pictures of those victims, see Dahr Jamail‘s grisly Face of War. And then there are the U.S. soldiers. If they’re not dying, they’re marching for those who have died. See photo below.

National Security Archive

In his speech, laced with meaningless, jingoistic clichés, Bush of course ignored the truth about the Iraq debacle. The day after John McCain blistered the Bush regime’s tortured logic, Bush fought back with bluster, especially in this passage:

The militant network wants to use the vacuum created by an American retreat to gain control of a country, a base from which to launch attacks and conduct their war against non-radical Muslim governments.

Over the past few decades, radicals have specifically targeted Egypt, and Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan, and Jordan for potential takeover. They achieved their goal, for a time, in Afghanistan. Now they’ve set their sights on Iraq.

Wait, wait, wait, wait. “Now they’ve set their sights on Iraq”? Only since the unjustified invasion, which has caused needless misery for many American families. The coffins were empty, and now they’re full. See photo below.

National Security Archive

That didn’t stop Bush from saying:

Bin Laden has stated: “The whole world is watching this war and the two adversaries. It’s either victory and glory, or misery and humiliation.” The terrorists regard Iraq as the central front in their war against humanity. And we must recognize Iraq as the central front in our war on terror.

The Bush regime gave up the hunt for bin Laden and created that “central front.” And we continue down this seemingly endless road. See photo below.

National Security Archive