Mayor Mike Plays Moneyball


Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s latest campaign expense report reveals $10.3 million in outlays just for campaign consultants. It reports $4.2 million in spending on direct mail alone, more than Virginia Fields spent on her primary campaign and almost as much as Anthony Weiner did. The mayor’s re-election bid racked up charges of $447,000 on polls, $19.7 million on advertising, and more than half a million on canvassing and petitioning. Campaign workers received $1.9 million in wages, used more than $830,000 in IT services, spent $2,308 on “shredding services,” ate $131,000 worth of food, watched cable TV to the tune of $32,201, and were protected by $219,000 of security, fire extinguishers, and “first aid supplies.” The Bloomberg campaign has spent enough on postage to buy 130,000 first class stamps.

In total, the mayor has spent $47 million—or about half of all the money spent by the 247 people who’ve run for something this year). Meanwhile, Fernando Ferrer’s expenditures add up to $6.5 million, with roughly half going to advertising, and he has a little more than half a million left in the bank.

If the election were held today, the polls turned out right, and as many people voted as in 2001, the mayor would have spent $59 a vote, to Ferrer’s $12, and Tom Ognibene’s mere $4. Basically, Ognibene buys each voter a sandwich, Freddy takes you to the movies, and the mayor brings ’em to a joint with tablecloths and something called a “wine list.” Eat up!