Freddy Gets Bubba Power


Not a bad day for Freddy Ferrer: The Times and Daily News both suggest that Mayor Bloomberg is following your lead on affordable housing, City Hall has to explain why the unemployment rate rose, the sun is shining, and Bill Clinton joins you for a walk down Charlotte Street in your home borough. Who cares if much of the crowd was bussed in from Queens and Brooklyn and many of them were more excited about seeing the ex-prez than the ex-boro prez? Bill Clinton means TV time—free TV time—tonight, nice pictures in the paper tomorrow, and a reminder that regardless of what Eva Moskowitz does, some big-name Democrats (Howard Dean and John Edwards earlier this month, Jesse Jackson earlier this week, and now the former president) are backing the Democratic nominee. Heck, even the cops were posing for pictures with the man from Hope! Behind the railings, Ferrer’s supporters said they still thought he could pull an upset off, although none pretended to be brimming with confidence. One even compared it to the Yankees being down by three games in the playoffs. (Of course, the Yankees lost, and their 2005 campaign was actually more expensive than Mike’s.)