All Signs for the Treasure Trail Guide You to Smith Street


For the coziest spot on Smith Street this winter, pack your bags and head to Camp: a warm, dimly lit room with a roaring fire, plush leather sofas, and a view of the forest (OK, it’s just a really big picture). The feeling is mostly Aspen ski lodge but with some fun summer camp touches to keep with the bar’s theme. An archery target hangs on the DJ booth, a kayak stands in one corner, and overhead lights are shaded by tin pails. Out back is a smoking patio with six tables, lots of stools, and glowing lanterns. Camp counselor clipboards feature a one-page drink menu that only Meatballs‘ Tripper Harrison could approve of. The Dirty Girl Scout (a mudslide with white créme de menthe) was, unfortunately, too sweet and medicinal tasting and not worth the $9 price for specialty drinks. Instead, try the Treasure Trail (pear nectar, prosecco, and a cherry) or the Camp Martini, a chocolaty, gooey liquid s’more of vanilla vodka, vanilla Godiva, créme de cacao, and a marshmallow garnish. Plans are in the works to serve s’mores as well as franks and beans, soups, and sandwiches. The only challenge of this camping experience will be how to win that seat by the fire.