Club Crawl


This week you have two chances to see the man with two faces—Luomo and Vladislav Delay—both mind controlled by Finnish producer Sasu Ripatti. Luomo (his more dancefloor-ready identity) releases The Present Lover and Vocal City, into a silky sexuality to a minimal-house template that, in other hands, would be too slick. A DJ set by underrated local producer Gregory Shiff, who isn’t afraid of using melody and pretty sounds to gloss his deep house, prefaces the live Luomo show. Hard, minimal techno is so last month. Sat @ 8, Rothko, 116 Suffolk. Stay afterwards for a drum’n’bass assault from AK1200 at Direct Drive (at 10). Ripatti’s other identity—Delay—is more chin scratching and contemplative than Luomo. Clicks and cuts, jarring shifts in tempo and rhythm, combined with disembodied vocals, result in a musical experience designed for deep reflection over movement. Other Music geeks unite! Mon @ 8, Rothko.

APT, that place with the fabulous sound system and never ending lineup of amazing talent, turns five. They are celebrating with a set from special guest Luke Vibert. The veteran dance music producer has made records under a myriad of monikers for labels as distinguished and varied as Warp and Ninja Tune, when both labels were hot shit. Vibert, who is by turns nerdy enough for indie rockers and funky enough for the trendy scenesters, is the perfect choice to please APT’s cross section of loyals. Now, if I just close my eyes and click my red ruby shoes three times, I’ll get a proper dancefloor.

With local boys Roy Dank, Tim Sweeney, Ben Dietz, and James Friedman. Fri @ 10, APT, 419 W 13th, 212-414-4245

Flavorpill’s collaboration with the Guggenheim, First Fridays, continues. This month features Ghostly International’s men of mystery, Matthew Dear and Ryan Elliott, who bring their brand of Midwest techno to the rarified venue. Fri @ 9, Guggenheim , 1071 Fifth Ave, 212-423-3535