Exclusive: NBA’s Tony Parker Raps For Village Voice



Tony Parker leads the Spurs in raps

Tony Parker shares some new verses with Riff Raff

Today Status Ain’t Hood wrote about a few rap and basketball crossover acts: Shaq, Kobe, Master P, and most recently, the San Antonio Spurs’s French-speaking phenom Tony Parker.

Parker, it is reported, plans to release an exclusively in-French rap album next year–and he’s even put out a record with Fabolous called “Top of The Game.”

Parker swung by the riff hut a few minutes ago and let us peep some of the lyrics he’s working on. I’ve done my best to translate Parker’s French rhymes into equally exciting English ones, though I’m a little worried that Parker’s verses might be a little one-track so far–a bit myopic. Decide for yourself:

Tony Parker raps for the ladies:

if you see me in the club/
i’m probably by the bar drinking with all the players/
from my basketball franchise/

Tony Parker gets political:

george bush doesn’t care about basketball/
which is a shame because it is a good sport/
i have played it/

Tony Parker raps for the streets:

when i’m in your town you better watch your back/
backboard, that is/
i lead my team in slam dunks/
and have remarkable strength for my size/

Tony Parker does sex rhymes:

i put my basketball in your hoop/
make the cheerleaders scream/
then i go home/
and sleep/

Tony Parker raps about social awareness:

our country and your country want help/
i’m doing my part/
i’m ranked #11 in assists/

Tony Parker does backpacker rap:

sitting on the bench at halftime/
TP stands for two points/
it also stands for three points/
i’m pretty bad at three-pointers though/

Tony Parker on Tony Parker:

on the courts i’m like a basketball/
bouncing around on the floor/
i’m also a rapper too/

Tony Parker disses Shaq, sort of:

what’s up, doc? more like what’s up, i need to see a doc/
because i have injured myself playing basketball/
and might have to sit out for a few games/

Tony Parker disses 50 Cent:

50 cent? more like two quarters/
in basketball there are four quarters/
sometimes i call myself 100 cent/