Hipsters Spotted Having a Good Time in Midtown Bar


For the holidays your family will be staying in a hotel in midtown, and as usual you have been cast as the local event planner during their stay. Everyone—you included, cool kid—is going to a Broadway musical, and it is up to you to find the place to grab a drink afterward. Where can you take them in the madness of Times Square without embarrassing your downtown self? The Paramount Bar in the lobby of the Ian Schrager–designed Paramount Hotel has just enough edgy interior elements to satisfy your hipster taste without scaring your parents (the time you took them to Max Fish was a disaster). The walls are covered in faux-slate wallpaper cleverly scribbled with unerasable chalk drawings. The “color” drink menu includes a blue margarita, a purple martini, and a (yellow) amarita ($14 each). If rainbow cocktails are too much, Dad can still have his trusty bottle of beer ($7). Predictable though it may seem, this hotel will become a Hard Rock Hotel sometime in 2006, complete with “rock ‘n’ roll energy.” Enjoy this oasis of chic amid the cultural void of Times Square, and then get cracking; you only have 12 months to figure out a place to take them next year.