Perverted Norwegian sailors penetrate the shitty of Satan


Turbonegro and Serbians—tough hombres made for each other. That’s the quizzical secret message at the finale of Party Animals. An angry gobble, it makes the case the band is underrated by weakling philistines. Getting a fellow from L.A. glam-punk band Redd Kross to produce the thud right out of its sound won’t change anyone’s impression, though. Instead, the listener makes do with a glitzy orchestral chart at the end of “City of Satan.” It’s OK, but the Stones lick that kicks in for “High on the Crime” is more pumping. And “If You See Kaye” is a gimme, but one done better by April Wine about 50 years ago.

Two Party Animals songs are maybe aimed, squirtingly, at the U.S. military. “Death From Above” could be honoring airborne troops and their motto, but the soldiers would never rhyme Jesus with feces. “Hot Stuff/Hot Shit” fares a little better. Although Hank from Hell sings the word “girl” once, this being Turbonegro, the lust for sexy commandos in Afghanistan translates more to the band masturbating over pictures of Pat Tillman and Johnny Mike Spann. Frankly, the Turbonegros have worked the way of the weird so hard they’re indistinguishable from, say, polished side characters in a satire by Carl Hiaasen: The guy in the sailor suit from the eccentric campy rock group has a moment of clarity, finding he wants to spend life as an attendant in a marine park getting his rocks off being molested by bottlenose dolphins.

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