Remote Patrol



Sundays at 9:30 on MTV

MTV has created a raft of prank shows over the last few years, but this is the politest riff on Punk’d yet. Jackass sidekick Ryan Dunn helps guests get gentle revenge on naughty friends—not by pretending to abduct or arrest them but by redecorating their rooms. That’ll teach ’em.


Tuesdays at 8 on Fox

This oddball detective drama about an FBI agent (ex–Angel star David
Boreanaz) and a brilliant but somber forensic anthropologist (Emily
Deschanel) takes some getting used to, what with the deteriorating bodies
and quiet pacing, but the bantering, undynamic duo is worth watching.

Earth to America

November 20 at 8 on TBS

Who says comedy and righteous causes don’t mix? Laurie David, the real-life activist wife of Larry, created this event featuring the comedy stylings of Wanda Sykes, Stephen Colbert, Steve Martin, Al Franken, and Ben Stiller as a way to raise consciousness about environmental issues. Don’t let the dying planet stop you from laughing.

Maid in America

November 29 at 10 on Channel 13

This Independent Lens doc follows three of L.A.’s 100,000 domestic workers who left their children and families behind in Latin America to become invisible women in other people’s houses. Some pursue their ambitions, some look for other ways to eke out some pleasure from their lives.