Adventures of Oz and Harriet …


How do you spell ‘liberal’? … how do you measure the weenies in D.C.?

Catching up on letters. Sorry for the long delay, but considering how busy the schemers behind Oz-like George W. Bush have been, can you blame me for being swamped? But no excuses. I appreciate your writing, and I’ll try to be more timely. In the meantime, I’ll start pouring them out in no particular order:

Following the dénouement of the Harriet-Got-The-Gate scandal on October 27, when Bush’s lawyer finally withdrew her name for a Supreme Court seat, WG wrote:

I guess you called that one. Good show.

Thanks for writing, WG. You were referring to my October 25 item, “The Plot to Give Miers the Bum’s Rush,” in which I wrote:

The White House needs to clear the decks for possible Plamegate indictments, and Miers will be needed to shuffle papers for George W. Bush‘s handlers. My money is on the nag to pull out before [Pat] Fitzgerald pulls up in front of the White House, because everyone knows she can’t make the weight.

Good work, as usual, by Salon‘s Tim Grieve in sussing out the Cheney-Rumsfeld cabal’s face-saving maneuver that prepared us all for Miers’s exit. The regime’s ploy about being reluctant to release her work documents made it look as though Miers yanked herself from the national stage. Exeunt several more of them, the regime’s captive audience can only hope.

Honorable mention goes to John C. Chendo of Davis, California, who campaigned via letters to the editor of newspapers in Vacaville and Sacramento for Joe Pesci to replace Miers as the nominee.

Chendo’s four-pronged rationale went like this:

Foremost, Pesci would be independent of influence by his handlers. He has not been involved in shredding documents regarding President Bush’s National Guard lack of service nor Bush’s need to torture prisoners nor the Bush administration’s alleged outing of CIA front organizations.

Pesci would appeal to Republicans and swing voters because of his movie star status, like Arnold.

Pesci would not have to worry about disqualifying himself, as Vice President Dick Cheney has refused to do, from hearing the gusher of corruption cases that will be slithering up to the Supreme Court involving the oily corruption of the Bush administration.

Pesci would represent the common working family in a way that Miers and John Roberts have never in their entire careers done or wanted to do.

Unfortunately, Bush’s handlers put Pesci on the pay-no-mind list. They chose another Italian, Sam Alito.

On October 14, Kane Licari wrote:




On November 4, regarding that day’s “U.S. War Profiteers Forced to Cool Their Jets,” Barbara Suma wrote:

I find it interesting that President Musharraf of Pakistan has the common sense to realize that while he would like these new F-16s, he recognizes the fact that his PEOPLE and his COUNTRY have far greater needs (if indeed these are the reasons for delaying purchase).

Imagine what could be done in this country if we cut back production on one or two of our military weapons, and applied that money saved to say something radical like HEALTH CARE, EDUCATION, REAL SECURITY AT OUR BORDERS, and other infrastructure.

I wonder what is wrong with the thinking of men that makes them think we need a bigger BOMB, a bigger GUN.

Is it that those in Washington are so inadequate this is their way to MEASURE UP?

Love your work.

Thanks for writing, Barbara. I think you’ve sized up those guys pretty well. After all, Bush himself is known as the nation’s all-time hangingest governor solely because he put so many people to death.